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We make the best shit in the west!


Composted Food Waste • Garden Mix • Top Soil • Landscape Compost

Your Garden will Explode!


Recycle And Turn Your Waste Into Compost

We are a locally owned and family operated company that has been in business for over 7 years. Our green waste recycling center takes green waste, food waste, manure and solid waste and turns it into garden and landscape compost. We make mulch out of the leftover wood chips and turn grass and leaves into topsoil.

Organic Compost

Our organic recycling units decompose waste in an aerobic environment using controlled temperatures, airflow, and organic starter material.

Landscape Services

We build custom gardens, landscapes, and topsoil to fulfill the needs of our customers in the Wood River Valley.

Why Choose Us?

  • We make high-quality compost from organic waste
  • We eliminate your heavy waste containers
  • We offer organic recycling tailored to your needs
  • We stand behind our compost
  • We offer personal customer service

Winn’s has been a regular stop for us ever since they opened. We drop off our landscape waste then pick it back up to put back in our jobs after they do there magic with it.

Dave Johnson

Dave JohnsonGreat Products & Service — Good People

Turn your waste into something you can use.